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April 5, 2016
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April 28, 2016

Catering Fredericton – Relish Gourmet Burgers

Catering Fredericton Relish Gourmet burger - Jersey City

Catering Fredericton

We Bring The Whole reLiSH Experience To You! Now Catering Fredericton…

Make your guests happy with a fun, casual and unique experience! reLiSH catering Fredericton now.

Whether it is a wedding, a birthday party, a staff meeting or a graduation party… Anytime you want to have a great party, START WITH GREAT FOOD!

Relish will load up our Patty Wagon with experienced staff and great food selections for your event! All you need to do is email us (amanda@relishlife.com)and tell what you need. 



We bring in our famous THE BIG TEXAS, LA IS MY LADY, THE GREAT ONE Burgers, or any signature burger you want us to create for you(Check Our Burger Menu). Served with  Smoked Paprika Kettle Chips and reLiSH Cool Slaw.

Burgers are prepared with hand pressed Angus Beef Patties, cooked fresh on the premise with our portable BBQ by reLiSH Chefs, served with freshly prepared sauces and ingredients.

(Vegetarian or Turkey patty options available) (Gluten Free Buns available too)



#1: “reLiSH Burger” PICNIC:

$16.75 per/person + 18% gratuity and HST

Delicious reLiSH Burgers- + Smoked Paprika Kettle Chips + reLiSH Cool Slaw

#2: “Burgers & Greens” PICNIC:

All of the above items + choices below!

$18.90 per/person +18% gratuity and HST

With a Choice of 2:   Famous Potato Salad, the Great Caesar Salad, Greek Pasta Salad, Market Green Salad (selection of house made dressings)

**Wishing for all 4 salads at your event? Add $2.25 to “Burgers & Greens”!

** Selection of sodas and mineral water available on request- $2.00



(minimum of 24- maximum of 160)

All catering clients will be issued a contract

15% non-refundable deposit due at signing.

reLiSH Picnics must be booked 14 days in advance

EMAIL US: amanda@relishlife.com



Clients to provide all table linens (except buffet linens), plates, cutlery, glassware, napkins & table settings

reLiSH to provide service ware & linens for buffet & cooking station

reLiSH to provide “chalkboard” menu

reLiSH to provide 2 chefs & 1 server for every 100 guests @ Picnics

Is your event not during BBQ Season? No problem! If your venue has a kitchen with a grill we can make sure you and your guests get reLiSHed!!!

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